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book-coverYour intelligence and hard work will get you to the midlevel, but you need a whole different set of skills – personal branding skills – if you want to be promoted and perceived as a leader.

Personal branding is an area where women have some catching up to do. We’re not as good as men are in promoting ourselves and projecting confidence.Women Who Brand is a how-to and how-to-think book for women of all ages who want to create more success, fulfillment and options. Learn more…

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Women’s Leadership Talks



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Women Who Brand Talk: Creating More Female Leaders

Men don’t leave their gender-based advantages at the door when they go to work. Neither should women. This talk will introduce new findings in gender research on female aptitudes, along with new insights into why it can be different for women in business. You’ll learn how to harness all your assets to build a successful career identity that’s authentic, focused, and relevant. This talk will show you how with vivid principles and case study examples featuring women professionals.

The talk will cover:

  • Female aptitudes and strengths that can be leveraged in business like empathy, social perception, etc.
  • The female leadership style and why it’s an asset in the 21st century workplace
  • How women can be perceived in business and how to be more effective
  • Things women do that undermine their leadership, such as failing to speak up in meetings, using mitigated language,” being too self-critical and other self-limiting behaviors

You Are a Brand for Women Talk: 3 Steps to Career Success

Personal branding is particularly important for women to master. Studies show that women aren’t as good as men when it comes to personal branding. Many women think self-promotion is tacky or inappropriate so they lose opportunities that men go after whole-heartedly. Of course, things can be different for women in business, but there’s a way to market yourself that’s effective and authentic. Through vivid case study examples, you will learn how to use the secrets of developing a strong, positive “career identity” for yourself, and you’ll learn how to apply branding principles to your most important product — YOU.

In this program, you will learn:

  • The multi-step branding process for personal career success
  • How to take a more strategic and empowered approach to your career destiny
  • Positioning Brand You so that you are perceived as a strong, confident leader
  • How to rebrand yourself if you’ve been branded negatively